Flymart Details

Are you interested in vending at the 2016 Pro Worlds FlytMart?

We are expecting close to 500 players for the 2016 PDGA Professional World Disc Golf Championships. The annual FlyMart will be held in conjunction with a Block Party on Friday evening (August 12th). Block Parties have historically been very well attended events at Emporia disc golf events. Players, spectators, and the local community come out and celebrate the event during the Block Party. As a vendor at the FlyMart, expect to have hundreds of disc golf players and fans stop by and see you. The Block Party / FlyMart always has a great mix of disc golf vendors mixed in with the local Emporia vendors selling food, drinks, and non-disc golf goods.

A few ground rules for 2016 PDGA Professional Disc Golf World Championships FlyMart

  • Specific vending spaces will be assigned the week of the event. A map will be provided indicating where your space is. Our goal is to mix the disc golf vendors with the local non-disc golf vendors. You may or may not be next to other disc golf vendors.
  • Vendors will only be able to sell merchandise during the FlyMart at the Block Party on Friday, August 12th from 6PM to 10PM. Vendors will not be permitted to sell at other times during the World Championships.
  • Vendors should be set up by 5:30PM on Friday, August 12th. Vendors will have vehicle access to their vending space at 4:00PM. After 5:30PM, vehicle access will be denied to your vending spot.
  • The Block Party / FlyMart will be over by 10:00PM on Friday, August 12th. If you tear down early, you will not be able to access your space via a vehicle. Vehicles will be allowed for tear down after 10:00PM.
  • Dynamic Discs and the PDGA reserve the right to deny a vendor request based on the product they would like to sell. The FlyMart is not the place to sell goods or services related to illegal drugs, pornography, and/or other potentially offensive products.
  • Need electricity for your booth? Let us know…we will make sure you are “wired”!
  • If you need tables or chairs, these will be available to rent. Chairs will be $2.00 each and 8’ tables will be $12.00 each.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you are using any sort of canopy or tent, please remember that Kansas can be windy. We will be set up on a street and on sidewalks where there is not an opportunity to use stakes. Please be prepared to secure your tents and canopies using a method other than stakes.

Fees for vending
A 10×10 space (actual size 12’ x 15’ ) is $200.00.
A 10×20 space (actual size 12’ x 30’) is $300.00.
If you need more space, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

If you are interested in vending at the 2016 Pro Worlds FlyMart, please contact Doug Bjerkaas at

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