Spectators Pack

Come spectate at the 2016 PDGA Professional World Disc Golf Championships!

While anyone can spectate at the World Championships this year at no charge, only those signing up for the Spectator Pack will receive the following items:

1. Pro Worlds Special Signature Edition All Champions Disc which includes the names of all 16 MPO and FPO World Champs from the 21st century. 13 of these champions are scheduled to be in Emporia and will be signing these discs at the Block Party on Friday, August 12th!

2. Official Worlds Dry Fit commemorative shirt

3. Official Tournament stamped Latitude-64 Opto Culverin

4. Official Pro Worlds Caddy Book including course maps, score cards, and more!

The Pro Worlds Spectator Pack is only $50 and can be picked up at the Dynamic Discs retail store the week of Pro Worlds (August 6th to 13th).

Spectators must pre-register for the Spectator Pack!

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