Spotter Instruction

Thank you to all the spotters at the 2016 Pro Disc Golf World Championships. Remember to have fun and enjoy your front-row seat. Spotting is the most fun you can have on the course besides playing. It is also a great way to improve your game as you get to see how different players with different skill sets try to conquer the challenges that a hole presents them with. Enjoy doing a good job at spotting and you will have a great time!

Pro Worlds Signature Series Discs

2016 PDGA Pro Disc Golf World Championships Signature Series Dynamic Discs Truth

Dynamic Discs would like to increase the payout that our World Champions receive this year. A poll was conducted earlier that asked the disc golf community whether a “crowdsourcing” fundraising effort was worthwhile to help this cause. The response showed that a majority of those polled would support an effort…

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2016 PDGA Pro Disc Golf World Championships in Emporia, Kansas

Welcome Disc Golf to Emporia, Kansas

They are the best of the best. They are disc golf’s elite. And this August, they will gather in Emporia for the game’s greatest competition. The 2016 PDGA Professional Disc Golf World Championships, hosted by Dynamic Discs, will take place from Saturday, August 6 through Saturday, August 13. Disc golfers…

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Dynamic Discs Wood Mini 2016 Pro Worlds

2016 Pro Worlds Wood Mini

  These minis are solid wood and have 2-3 coats of clear varnish. Then 2-3 coats of UV protection to protect from sun rays to prevent discolor to the wood. Each mini is crafted to resemble an actual disc. Alder Wood – Growing in Northern North America, Alder has similar…

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