Dynamic Discs Wood Mini 2016 Pro Worlds

2016 Pro Worlds Wood Mini2016 Pro Worlds Wood Mini


These minis are solid wood and have 2-3 coats of clear varnish. Then 2-3 coats of UV protection to protect from sun rays to prevent discolor to the wood. Each mini is crafted to resemble an actual disc.

Alder Wood – Growing in Northern North America, Alder has similar characteristics to Cherry wood, but is not as hard as Cherry.

Blue Stain Pine Wood – Blue Stain Pine is also known as beetle kill and is located all along the Rocky Mountains.

Eastern White Pine Wood – Eastern White Pine is the tallest tree in Eastern North America. And like all pine, it has a unique pleasant smell.

All wood products are carefully handcrafted in Colorado.

Each mini measures approximately 4″ across.

PLEASE NOTE: Each Blue Stain Pine Wood Mini will be colored slightly different than the product picture since each one is individually stained.

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