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PDGA Pro Disc Golf Worlds offers Mixed Doubles and various field events

The 2016 PDGA Professional Disc Golf World Championships are just around the corner. To kick off the festivities, a Mixed Doubles competition will be held at Jones East on Saturday, August 6, at 9 a.m.

For even more fun, several field events will be offered on Sunday, August 7, from 10 a.m. To 4 p.m. Here is a rundown of the field events offered at this year’s Pro Worlds. For more information, please visit

Putting Competition presented by DGA:
The putting competition will feature 9 stations, each with a basket in which three putts of varying length and difficulty will be presented. Each station will have spots worth 1, 2, and 3 points, with the majority of the spots being straight-on. There will, however, be a variety of obstacles and elevation changes designed to challenge players.

Players will compete in groups of no less than three to a team. Normal PDGA rules apply during this competition. As an added wrinkle this year, if players miss an initial putt they will be required to throw a secondary putt from the lie of the initial putt. If the secondary putt is made, no points are added or deducted from the total score. If the secondary putt is missed, the player will be deducted one point from the total score.

Long Drive Competition:
(Note: The Worlds Long Drive competition is not a true distance competition as it is not a WFDF sanctioned event.)

Throwers will have their choice between three stations at the teeing area, and there will also be a designated throwing area, measuring between 50 and 75 yards wide, that discs are required to land in to be considered for scoring. Players will receive five throwing chances each, and are required to use their own discs. Should a player foot fault (release the disc with a supporting point in front of the throwing line or outside of his or her station), the throw is forfeited. Should the throw be interfered with mid-flight by a person, animal or an administrator-specified obstacle before the disc contacts the ground, the player will immediately receive a rethrow.

SkillShotTM Challenge presented by EDGE:
Players competing in the SkillShotTM competition will be required to complete a variety of throws which are considered standard amongst most disc golfers. To ensure a fair competition, the following definitions will be used.

– Backhand: Bringing the disc across the chest, and releasing it with the back of the hand aimed toward the target.
– Sidearm/Forehand: Holding the disc level and out away from the body, fling it, like snapping a towel, with palm aimed toward the target.
– Roller: Throwing the disc on an angle, with a backhand or forehand release, so that it lands on its edge and rolls toward the target. The disc must roll at least half the distance to the target to count.
– Upside-Down: Thrown in such a manner that the disc is upside down at some time during the flight.
– Kneeling/Seated: One or both knees must be on the ground or player must be seated when the disc is thrown. Use any type of throw that feels comfortable.
– Freestyle: Any type of stance and throwing style is allowed including rollers and upside-down.
– Obstructed: A tree, bush or artificial structure is located about half the distance to the target on the line of play. Using the technique of your choice, throw your disc around or over the obstruction.
SkillShotTM was developed as an assessment tool for the EDGE curriculum. For more information about EDGE, visit or call 1-866-391-3343.

Mini Disc Golf:
Played just like regular disc golf, Mini disc golf substitutes regular disc golf equipment for mini discs (marker discs) and mini baskets.

The PDGA Pro Disc Golf World Champions begins August 6th. Be sure to check back here for the latest.

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