Notes and Course Changes

Course Changes/Clarifications for 2016 PDGA Pro Worlds

Emporia CC
Hole 4 – Normal Tee sign is misleading. The player does NOT need to reach the far side of the cart path in order to be safe, the cart path is actually an OB river for Hole 4. (Doug to have tee sign modified.)

Hole 7 – The country club has some stakes and yellow rope protecting one of their greens that are inbounds near the green of disc golf hole 7. If they are in the way of taking your stance, you may carefully remove them and then please return them as you found them after your putt.

Hole 15 – The front of the Long Tee on hole 15 has a downhill slope you may backup further on the more level concrete in order to throw if you wish. That’s the Hole 15 Long Tee.
Also the Caddy book shows the silver tee as 250 ft. which is incorrect. The Silver Tee is at 350 ft. while the Drop Zone on Hole 15 is at 250 ft.

Holes 16 and 18 – FPO – Despite what the book says, FPO will play the Silver Tees on Holes 16 and 18 for Round 2 and Finals.

Jones East
Hole 13 –footbridge is slippery – if a disc should come to rest on that bridge surface the player may take casual relief back onto solid ground. If the disc is under the bridge you are OB.

Jones West
No clarifications

Peter Pan
General Note: the various ponds, creeks, etc. that are OB have all been marked with a painted line which is the OB line, not the waters edge.

Hole 4 – Clarification – the ditch on the left is a casual relief only if your disc is in water.

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