Emporia Country Club Practice

The Emporia Country Club is open for practice Saturday, August 6, Sunday, August 7, and Monday August 8 from 6AM to dusk.  There will be a tent set up by hole 1 for folks to check-in.  Please make sure to check-in prior to starting your round.  The charge on these three days to play a round at the country club is $5.00.

A note about parking at the Emporia Country Club during practice rounds

RVs cannot be parked in the country club lot Saturday, Sunday, or Monday during practice rounds.  Please park RVs on side streets near the club where parking is legal or in the lower lots at Emporia State University (ESU).  It is a short walk from the lower lots at ESU to the country club.

No parking will be allowed in the Emporia Country Club parking lot after 6PM tomorrow only (Saturday, August 6).  There is a special event taking place at the clubSaturday evening and the lot will be needed for that event.  The course will still be open until dusk, but the parking lot will not.  We will stop folks from parking in the lot after3:30PM to ensure that the lot becomes empty by 6PM.  Please feel free to park on side streets near the club where parking is legal or in the lower lots at ESU.  The Emporia Country Club lot will be available all day on Sunday and Monday.

A word about etiquette at the Emporia Country Club

We received a few informal complaints about disc golfers not following the dress code policy at the country club today and in a specific case some rude behavior exhibited by a disc golfer towards a member of the club.  Please wear a collared shirt (we had some without any shirts on today) and be courteous and polite to the country club members that you meet while on the property.  I know that it just takes a few for a message like this to be necessary and that a vast majority of the disc golfers at the club today were courteous and followed the rules.  If you are not in that majority, please get into that majority.

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